Chocolate Delight Trifle

There are some desserts that should come with a eat at your own risk warning label; this is one of them.  It is wickedly delicious that I need to get it out of my refrigerator before I eat the entire thing myself.

This is one of those desserts that you go in with a fork with the intentions to take a bit or maybe two and before you know it you’ve eaten half.  I blame my husband for begging me to make something chocolate.  I finally caved in and whipped this up, now I can’t stop eating it.  

How did I come up with this?  Well, as I mentioned my sweet husband loves what he calls his chocolatey delights.  I have had this box of devil’s food cake mix hanging out in my pantry for a while and I wanted to use it up.  My mom bought me a trifle bowl a few weeks ago that I haven’t used yet.  I made a Raspberry Trifle for a picnic she hosted over Memorial Day weekend.  We had to leave before we had dessert and I left it with her.  She felt bad that we never got any dessert, so she got me this bowl.  I figured I could use up my cake mix so it wouldn’t go to waste and I wanted to break in my new bowl so this piece of chocolate bliss came to life.  

This is the perfect dessert to make as it has a little bit of everything.  Someone craving cake?   Its in this dessert.  How about Oreos?  Got it in here. In the mood for creamy chocolate pudding?  No problem.    

The pudding on top of the cake makes every decadent bite moist and delicious.  I serious want more but I am already having some regrets of eating the amount that I did.  Looks like I’ll have to play the twins a little harder tomorrow to burn off some more calories, but it was so worth it!  

Chocolate Delight Trifle


1 box of Devil’s Food cake mix, prepared, baked, cooled and cut in to 1”square cubes

2 cups Oreo cookies, roughly chopped

3 cups Chocolate Pudding

3 cups Cool Whip

Chocolate Syrup for drizzling (optional)


In a trifle bowl or large bowl begin layering with one third of the cake, ½ cup of Oreo, followed by 1 cup pudding and 1 cup cool whip.   Repeat layering 2 more times and sprinkling top of cool whip with remaining chopped Oreo.  Chill in refrigerator.  


Drizzle top of with Chocolate Syrup

Add a ½ cup of sliced strawberries after cake layer

Make in full size trifle dish and spoon out individual sizes or make in individual trifle bowls or glasses.  

Happy cooking!

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  1. says

    What a tasty chocolate indulgence here! I really like the convenience of trifles and how you can personalize them to you own tastes. This one is a winner-yum!

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