Valentine’s Day Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies

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I couldn’t resist sharing these again.  When something is this good it bears repeating.

During my Countdown to Christmas Series last year I featured these adorable little cookies for the holidays.   Needless to say they were extremely popular on the site.  Since then I received many emails and comments about these delicious cookies.  Many have asked about making cut outs.  In the original recipe they were made into simple round cookies.  In this recipe although the ingredients are the same I share how they are rolled out and cut into cute little shapes, like these Valentine’s Day hearts.  

I am excited to be the weekly Time at Home contributor for Mothertime Marketplace.  Click HERE to head over to Mothertime Marketplace to catch all the details on this Valentine sweet.  


  1. Holy cow! These look sinfully delicious. Makes me think I need to make a Valentine’s dessert for my little sweeties (:

  2. wow!!! Beautiful!!!

  3. These looks seriously delicious! Wonderful pictures as well!

  4. These look stunning :) Thanks for the inspiration ~ I’m in need for valentine day ideas ~

  5. Well aren’t these the cutest darnest things I ever did see!

  6. These look awesome, Jennifer. I love how fluffy they are. Your little plate is so cute too!

  7. So pretty. I love that cake stand too!

  8. They are adorable. I love that you went with black and white instead of Valentine’s red.

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