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I am excited to share with you a special guest, the fabulous Jennifer Ford Berry.  Jennifer is the author of Organize Now! and expert organizer.  She is one of the two incredible women behind Mothertime Marketplace, a local consignment sale that is held twice a year in the Buffalo area.

I met Jennifer at Mothertime Marketplace when I started selling the twins clothes.  Since then, we have become great friends, recently traveled to Chicago together for a conference and working on upcoming events together.

Jennifer has amazing tips in Organize Now! and has a beautiful site with more ideas for living an organized life.  I am thrilled that she is sharing some of her expert knowledge with us on organizing your kitchen.  I love these tips and I am sure you will too.

Take it away Jen!

Organize Your Kitchen

What is the one room in your house where everyone is welcome? The kitchen! This is a very important part of the house because it is probably the one room that guests see the most. Many activities take place in this area, from cooking to family meetings. Therefore, it is a must that it be clean and clutter free!

I have helped countless clients get their kitchen organized and let me tell you it is life changing! Getting your kitchen organized will help you save money, cook efficiently; handle paperwork and you won’t be embarrassed when your friend and family pop in unannounced!

Here are some tips on getting your kitchen back to the beautiful space I know it can be:

  • Start with the countertops (because this is the most visible space). Remove everything that does not belong in this room.

  • Clear the counters of any appliance that you do not use at least once a week.

  • Collect every single piece of paper and place it in basket or container until you are able to go through it. (make it a priority to finish within one week) Designate this basket or container as the one spot you can store paper that you need to go through.

  • Look in those cupboards! Focusing on one cupboard at a time: empty the contents wipe it down and then put back the items that you LOVE or USE.

  • Place these items near the stove: pots and pans, cutting boards, pot holders, herbs and spices.

  • Place these items near the dishwasher or sink: dishes, silverware, glasses, serving utensils.

  • Dive into the pantry. Toss any items that are expired. Donate any items that you know your family will never eat. Organize food with the oldest items in the front. Check out my pantry for more tips.

  • Limit those plastic bags…do you really need more than 15 at one time?

  • Tackle those junk drawers! Keep the bare minimum because you know they will soon fill up again. Toss all of those little pieces to…what did that go to again?


-There are so many kitchen gadgets out there that are meant to “save time” or “make life easier”. However, some of these items just end up taking space in your cupboards. When you come across and item like this ask yourself if it worth taking up space. For example: I used to own a veggie steamer. But I realized it was just as quick to pull out a pot and steam my veggies!

-Don’t forget to scan the walls and the outside of the refrigerator. Do you still want all of these photos, decorations and slips of paper on display?

For more tips on how to organize your kitchen, countertops, cupboards and pantry check out Jennifer’s book: Organize Now! A week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life.

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  1. Babs says

    I’d like to organize all of my closets. Since moving in a year ago, I don’t think I have moved too much around and it is really NEEDED!

  2. barbara n says

    I keep a very neat house by hiding everything in the master bedroom! So I really need to find a way to organize everything that ends up in the bedroom!

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