Organize Now! Week 1: Schedule

For the next twelve Sunday’s, I will be participating in an organizing challenge based on the Organize Now! book written by organizing expert Jennifer Ford Berry.  Jen is not only a personal friend of mine, but she is super talented and full of great ideas and tips on organizing your life.

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to be organized.  I have always been an organized person but there is room for improvement.  My goal is to focus on getting every nook and cranny of my home and life organized, beginning with my schedule.  My day usually begins between 6-8am depending on when the kids wake up.  Once they wake up and breakfast is made the rest of the day is usually open.  It sounds great to have an open schedule full of possibilities but it is amazing on how fast the day can go by.  I would jot down a list in my head of things I want to accomplish.  The problem is, I would forget things, thanks to getting older and a mind that is constantly turning with ideas and things I want to do.   Before I knew it, the day was ending and I would be lucky if I got half the things done that I wanted to.


This week’s challenge is focusing on Organizing Your Schedule.  It all starts by buying one planner that is used for both work and home.  Some people I am sure are used to scheduling their lives electronically whether it be on your computer, iPhone etc…  I’ve done it that way in the past and I prefer being old school and writing things down.  I also feel I am more productive and keep more to my list if I have a little book in front of me.  The planner I now use is actually Jen’s planner as well (as seen in the pictures).  I like the layout of the planner and the amount of room I can plan out my days, from chores I want to do around the home, errands that need to be done, and things coming up on the blog.  All this is now in one planner so I can see my to do list all in one area and not scattered in different things.

I also created a daily system that is in our back entryway.  I love the Pottery Barn daily system but just couldn’t justify spending the money on it.  With a little shopping around I was able to create my own daily system for under $100.00.  This monthly planner lets me look at the day and month ahead all in one area.  I transfer information from my book and place it on the board.  The difference between the planner and my daily system is the daily system is just a note of what is planned.  The planner is more specific and includes additional notes that would take up space and look cluttered if on the board.  I can easily refer to them both and I keep the planner right on the board as well.  Also the planner is beneficial for things I plan for months out whereas the daily system focusing just for the current month.  I also take the planner with me when I go out so I can refer to it or write things down when I need to.

Ribbon board $12.00 on sale from Kohls, cork board $40.00 from HomeGoods, Dry erase calendar (I framed it with an old picture frame) $13.00 from Target, weekly dry erase board $9.00 from Target, small letter holder with hooks $9.00 from Target. 

Another idea I love is prioritizing my tasks.  After I have the list of tasks that I want to do for the day, number them in order in which they need to be done.  If all of them don’t get done in the day, they go on top of the list for the next day.  I loved this idea because I often found myself with my to do list in front of me but would start doing one task randomly on the list.  The next thing I know I started working on another project.  Before I know it I have a few projects just started but nothing done.  By numbering tasks and focusing on one at a time I get a better sense of accomplishment.

Here are my Top 5 ideas I took away from Organize Your Schedule
– Use one planner.
– Prioritize tasks and don’t move on to another until one is finished.
– Schedule errands based on location. Don’t waste time with extra driving.
– Only plan for 80 percent of your waking hours then you have time if anything pops up.
– Be realistic!

There are 11 more weeks still to go.  The next 11 weeks we will be featuring the following:

Week 2- Kitchen Cupboards
Week 3- Bedroom Closet
Week 4- Routines
Week 5- Papers/Files
Week 6- Pantry
Week 7- Entryway
Week 8- Memorabilia
Week 9- Medicine Cabinet
Week 10- Refrigerator
Week 11- Books, CD’s, DVD’s
Week 12- Home Office

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  1. says

    Jen, as always your photos are amazing and really bring life to your posts! I LOVE your daily system and really appreciating the fact that you shared where you purchased everything and what it cost. I know this will inspire others. Thanks for being part of this challenge!!

  2. says

    We are so similar Jen! I’m totally old school when it comes to organising and this year I’ve gone back to the old paper diary. I also find it much more satisfying to be able to physically cross something off my list when it’s done rather than delete it electronically.

  3. Trina B says

    What a great system – it looks lovely :) unfortunately the paper system doesn’t really work for me, and I don’t really have a wall suitable for a command centre or daily system – though I wish I did – yours is gorgeous :)

  4. says

    i think it’s interesting that of the couple of posts of our challenge group that i have read, we all like the pencil/paper planners. your organization station is cute.

  5. says

    I am following all of you and playing along (in my head – LOL) but was anxious to see if you meal planned ON PAPER and posted it as part of your “schedule”…???

  6. says

    I’m a paper and pencil kinda girl too! Love your list. I actually am doing one room per month. I can’t imagine trying to do each week! This month is my office, then the kitchen, etc etc. Cleaning out cupboards, drawers, etc! You Go Girl!!

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