Organize Now! Week 2: Kitchen Cupboards

This is my kitchen.

Organize Your Kitchen

It is not to big, not to small, it is just right.  It is not my dream kitchen, but it is functional.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen from fixing meals for the kids, family dinners, working on new recipes for Mother Thyme, and this is where we usually gather when we have friends and family over to visit.  For the most part, I have always kept a tidy and organized kitchen.  After reading Week 23-Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards in the Organize Now!  book I came up with a few other ideas.

I don’t have a ton of cupboard space so I need to make sure everything I keep in my cupboards serve a purpose.  In the book, Jen suggests that you store seasonal items like holiday mugs, cookie cutters with your holiday decorations instead of having them take up cupboard space.  For larger appliances that I don’t use all the time like my waffle maker, bread machine, large roasting pans,  I store them on a shelf in my basement and I just run down there when I need them.  No need to have them take up real estate in your cupboards if they are only used on occasion.

Organize Your Kitchen

I like unity in my cupboards, so things like mismatched plates, aside from my kids plates all go together.  I only have one set of dinnerware in the kitchen cupboards, and I store the other sets I own including my china in a china cabinet which is in the basement.  If you don’t have a basement, Jen suggests using another closet or nook that you may have in your home that you can store extra glassware and casserole dishes.

Storage containers can drive me crazy.  I have fallen victim to the leaning tower of storage containers that have come crashing down on me several times.  I used to have a ton of them and they were several different brands so stacking them was impossible.  Also with plastic containers they only last so long before it is time to ditch them.  One project I did work on for this challenge was I consolidated all my storage containers.  I tossed out the ones that were older and missing tops.  I kept just one brand that has stacking lids so everything stacks nicely.  I have one set of Rubbermaid plastic storage containers and one set of Pyrex storage containers and that is it.  Now I can easily grab a container with the matching lid without rummaging through a ton of containers.

Organize Your Kitchen

Here are my Top 5 ideas from Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards-
-Straighten cupboards once a month and remove items you no longer need or use. Staying on top of this won’t become so much of a chore and won’t get out of control.
-Once a year go through your spices and discard old ones. If you can’t smell them, they are no good.
-Spices can take up a lot of cupboard space. I have the SpiceStack in my cupboards and it works great for spice storage.
-Clean under the sink and place these items in baskets with handles so you can take your cleaning supplies room to room while cleaning. I love this idea even though I don’t store a lot of cleaning supplies under my sink because of the kids. I have locks on my lower cupboards so they can’t get to them but I still put my cleaning supplies in the laundry room cupboards.
-What is a kitchen without a junk drawer. Limit it to one and toss out pieces that you don’t use. You can still have an organized junk drawer.

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You can follow along in Jennifer Ford Berry’s book Organize Now!: A Week-by-Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life

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    Looks so great! I love an organized cupboard :) I need to store my “theme” mugs with my holiday decor, good idea. I have TONS of cupboard space now but still manage to have one huge cupboard that is totally overfilled with all my baking dishes/cookie sheets/cooling racks/cutting boards and constantly a frustration, you’ve inspired me to tackle it this week.

  2. says

    Your kitchen is beautiful Jen! I do a bit of a clean out about once a month anyway. Living in a unit and having an addiction to all things kitchen makes this a must. Our local church must love me – they get everything that no longer fits!

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