Organize Now! Week 7: Organize Your Entryway

Organize Your Entryway |

I hope you are enjoying the Organize Now series.  This week we are featuring the entryway.

I love our home, but it certainly doesn’t come with a grand entry.  We have a front door that leads to a foyer.  It’s nothing grand by any means but has a coat closet, a nice bench for storage and putting on shoes and a guest bath.  It is also the place where one of our dogs hangs out during the day so he is not chasing after the kids feet.  Yes, my dog has a foot fetish, or that is what I like to call it at least. 

In our home we have three entrances.  We mostly enter through the door from the garage which just leads to a hall into the kitchen.  No dumping ground, no coat closet.  Right across from that doorway is the laundry room which has a back door that leads to the backyard.  I like to use this area for hanging coats, storing shoes, this is where my daily system hangs. 

When I think of an entryway, I usually think of the front door.  Honestly, I don’t think anyone uses our front door, even when people come to visit.  The real entryway in your home is what your family uses the most on a daily basis.  Having an organized entryway is a key to getting everyone out the door with little chaos as possible.

Organize Your Entryway |

Start with a clean slate.  Begin by gathering everything up that does not belong in the entryway and put them in the proper place. 

Replace the rugs if necessary.  Having a nice rug at the entrance door really makes the space look nice when you first enter.

Use a wicker basket or a shoe rack for shoes.  Don’t have more than one or two pair of shoes per family member.  If you start collecting more shoes at the door, things may get out of control.

Decide what things may be best suited elsewhere.  Do you store board games in this area?  Maybe place them in on a shelf in the family room instead.   Place folding chairs and tables that you may not use on a daily basis in your basement or garage. 

Coats, hats, shoes are most common in the entryway.  Sort through these items and donate or sell items in this area that are no longer worn.  If you use this area for storage for all seasons and this area is still full, you may want to store seasonal items in storage bins so you have only winter hats and coats out during the winter and spring coats and raincoats out during the spring. 

Install hooks or cubbies for each family members coats and bags.  Label these areas with each family members names.  This can be each family members little area to place their items needed to have before going out the door. 

Have a place in the entrance to sit and put on or take off shoes.  A bench works great and many benches can also be used for storage as well. 

Have a bin or hamper in this area that family members can place items they not longer want.  When the box is full, take it to your local donation center. 

Organize Your Entryway |

Make it pretty.  If this is the area that is commonly used and is the entrance to your home you want to walk in to a relaxing  and organized environment after a long day.  Hang family picturesuse shelving that can duplicate for hanging guests coats, have a pretty umbrella stand at the entry that not only looks pretty but is functional.  I love a nice smelling home.  Have some potpourri, a candle or something that when you walk in the door, the house smells nice.

The key to having an organized entryway is staying on top of it and keeping it clean.  Whether you have one, two or many entries into your house remember that whatever you, the kids or guests use the enter your home is the first impression.  If you don’t have a lot of space or an entry at all get creative.  Use a pretty coat hook for guests coats or bench with a shelve on above with hooks to place coats and bags.  Utilize the space you have at the doorway to make it as inviting as possible.   After you organize your entryway, do a quick check every night to make sure things are in place.  If you don’t stay on top of it, things will just start piling up again. 

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  1. Trina B says

    Your entryway is beautiful! Simple but so elegant! The basket for the shoes technique is the one we use – there are 7 people in our house but I think only 2 of us actually put our shoes neatly on the shoe rack – hubby was one of the worst offenders! Honestly the basket is wonderful – my boys can just kick of their shoes into the basket – its so easy for them – and easy for me too as its so quick to tidy. Every second weekend or so we tip it out and send any extra pairs back to the bedrooms where we use the basket system too – love it!

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