Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine's Day Printables | Growing up I loved Valentine’s Day.  Not just because I would hope to get a little love letter from my boyfriend, but it was a holiday that included chocolate.  At home, we used to do boom boom Valentine’s at the door where you were greeted with a box of chocolate or a fun treat from a mystery cupid. 

Through my twenties and early thirties it was a day I enjoyed with flowers from my husband and a romantic dinner at home.  Now having kids, I enjoy creating a little more of a festive environment for them to enjoy Valentine’s as I did when I was growing up.

I needed to replace my Christmas chalkboard printables I created for the holidays.  I designed this trio of Valentine’s Day printables that are fresh and festive.  I know many of you have enjoyed my printables I have created previously so I thought I would share these with you as well.  They print perfectly for an 8×10 frame.  You just need to click on the prints you like to download them to your computer.  You can print these from your home computer or I send them to CVS and have them printed to save on the ink.  For a few dollars and a frame that I just rotate the pictures out of depending on the season or holiday it is an inexpensive way to add a little fun to any wall. 

Valentine's Day Printables |

If you love printables as much as I do, follow me on Pinterest where I am constantly inspired with printables I come across and pin.  I also did a post back in the fall on decorating with printables on Mothertime Marketplace where I share ideas on on decorating with printables and incorporating some printables that I came across via Pinterest. 

If you use these I would love to see.  You can post a picture on my Facebook wall or email a picture.  I hope these add a little pop to your walls for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Printables |

Click here for free printable. (8×10)

Valentine's Day Printables |

Click here for free printable. (8×10)

Valentine's Day Printables |

Click here for free printable.  (8×10)

Dry Erase Menu Board

What’s on the dinner menu this week?  How about displaying it on a simple to make dry erase menu board.  

With a few easy to get supplies you can create this weekly menu board to feature what is for dinner.

What I love about this project is you are not using a lot of printer ink (which can be costly) by printing out an already existing printable.  This uses simple black ink and the paper is scrapbook paper that you can pick up at the craft store pretty cheap.

There is scrapbook paper in all shades, seasons and themes.  Create one for the Spring and a new one for the Fall.  Make one that goes with your kitchen decor.  The one shown is the one in my kitchen.  My kitchen is black and cream so this one goes so nicely in my kitchen tucked in the corner.

This is a great way for the family to know what is on the dinner menu for the evening.  Place it on a plate stand or hang it on the wall.  This doesn’t take long to make and is a great accent to the kitchen.

Want to create one for your kitchen?  Check out my instructions at Mothertime Marketplace including the printable for the Menu shown.  

Shabby Fabric Wreath

I love decorating with wreaths.  I have boxes of wreaths for each season so I am changing them out quite often.  

Small wreaths look so pretty hanging from mirrors, tucked in a corner in a guest bathroom, in the bedroom or hallway.  They are great to have to create dimension and add another element to the wall other than another picture.   

I am sharing how to make this simple and easy Shabby Fabric Wreath at Mothertime Marketplace.

Click HERE to head over to Mothertime Marketplace.

Basic Fabric Rosette

I enjoy simplicity and being able to make something by cutting corners or doing it a slightly different but still achieving the same or similar results.

I love rosettes.  They are so pretty and work as great embellishments on anything from picture frames and pillows to headbands and wreaths.   Just following the steps to create a simple and basic rosette can lead to many decorating possibilities.

Supplies needed

- A piece of felt cut out in a circle slightly larger than the size of the rosette.  Use a felt color similar to the color fabric.
- Glue gun

- Strip of fabric approximately 2-3 inches wide.   Depending on the size of the rosette will determine the length of fabric required.  

A Basic Rosette

Step 1- Make a knot at one of the fabric.  

Step 2- Place a dab of hot glue in the center of felt.  

Step 3- Place knot on glue and press firmly until knot holds

Step 4-  Start wrapping the fabric around the knot, placing a dab of glue around to hold in place.  Make as tight or as lose as desired.  Twist fabric as fabric is being wrapped.

Step 5-  Continue to wrap, placing a small amount of glue to hold fabric in place until desired size is achieved.

Step 6-  Cut felt closely around the rosette.  Either tuck end behind and hold with a dab of glue,  tuck under previous row or snip extra fabric and neatly glue into place.

Step 7- Gently pull on fabric to mold to desired look.

Step 8- Use in embellishing projects like this Shabby Fabric Wreath.

Home Sweet Home

The front entry.
Welcome to our home.

It is nestled in the hills outside of Buffalo, New York.   Everyone says it reminds them of driving up to a chalet in Germany or Switzerland the way it is perched. In the winter with the snow glistening from the roof, it looks like a gingerbread house.  We love our home.

The house was built in 1981 and includes four bedrooms and two and a half baths.  It has a living room, a sitting room (which could also be used for a dining room), kitchen overlooking the beautiful backyard and first floor laundry.

Our “Chateau”.  
The house sits on five and a half acres, most of which is wooded.  A ravine going down to a babbling slate stream runs through the property.

We get a ton of wildlife in the backyard including deer, flocks of turkey, fox and an array of birds to name a few.

The outdoors is our haven.  In the summer months we can enjoy dipping into our in-ground pool, enjoying a glass of wine and star gazing while in the hot tub, relaxing by the fire pit my husband made and enjoying entertaining on our back patio with family and friends.

The fire pit in at the end of the yard before heading in to the woods.  Perfect place to roast marshmallows.

The patio off the back.  Perfect for barbecues and entertaining.  
This is certainly our dream home, and to think we almost didn’t look at this house!  It was the last house we viewed when we were house hunting and I told the realtor I wasn’t interested based on the pictures I saw on the computer.  What I learned was never go by what you see online if you are house hunting!  When we pulled up to this house my husband and I looked at each other and said, this is it!  We didn’t even need to see the inside.  

The inside needed just a little TLC and basically it was just paint.  The previous owners had an eclectic taste in paint color and had pretty much every room decked out with a border.  They were also smokers, so the house had an intense smell of smoke.  Which probably worked in our favor since we looked beyond the smell and the colors on the wall and saw the potential. 

The view from the patio looking towards the back.   

The view from the back looking towards the house.   The pool is enclosed off the patio.  
Within a day after moving in to our home, the smell of smoke went away, thanks to striping the curtains that were hung and washing and painting all the walls.   The house now smells like fresh apple pie baking in the oven.

I look forward to you joining me on Mother Thyme at Home as well as cooking with Mother Thyme as we journey through my home including my decorating, entertaining, family time tips to name a few.  Mother Thyme will be a personal journey of what I create, and time spent with my marvelous family.

The driveway heading down to the road.  
Welcome, come on in!