Flavors of Summer Virtual Picnic Kick Off plus Giveaway!

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Summertime is in full swing!  I love this time of year and enjoy spending as much time outside as possible.  I look forward to every Saturday heading to the Farmer’s Market for a bouquet of fresh flowers and local produce.  For many of us the weekends are spent enjoying cookouts with friends, catching up with… Keep Reading

Summer Thyme is here plus a weekend of GIVEAWAYS!


Remember when you were a kid and it was the last day of school before summer vacation.  As the bell rang and school let out, summer begun. That is how I feel about today.  I’m super duper excited and I have butterflies in my stomach because it is the first day of summer, Summer Thyme… Keep Reading

Sweet Vidalia Onion Pasta Salad


Today is such an exciting day!  Not only is my cookbook Summer Thyme now available, but I am thrilled to share the Flavors of Summer  presented by Vidalia Onions with you! Vidalia Onions are one of my favorites.  This seasonal onion harvested from Spring through Summer is Georgia grown.  Many people, including myself wait patiently… Keep Reading

Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine's Day Printables | www.motherthyme.com

Growing up I loved Valentine’s Day.  Not just because I would hope to get a little love letter from my boyfriend, but it was a holiday that included chocolate.  At home, we used to do boom boom Valentine’s at the door where you were greeted with a box of chocolate or a fun treat from… Keep Reading

Lemon and Rosemary Simmering Potpourri

Lemon and Rosemary Simmering Potpourri

Have you ever gone to a spa and when you walk in the smell calms you.  You shoulders relax and the soothing music puts you at ease.  The last time I was at the spa was about a month ago, not for me but to pick up a gift certificate during the holidays.  I wish… Keep Reading

Orange and Balsam Simmering Potpourri

orange and balsam simmering potpourri

It should come as no surprise when I mention I love the smell of the holidays.  I say it often, and recently mentioned that my house has the aroma of fresh citrus and balsam.  Unfortunately, we have artificial trees.  Yes trees, we have two in our home.  This year, I had to come to terms… Keep Reading

Free Christmas Chalkboard Printables


I have a confession to make.  I am addicted to printables.  You know those printables you can find floating around Pinterest. I had printed a bunch of them thanks to Pinterest for the fall and they looked fabulous in my house. You can see a glimpse of them in a Fall Printables post I did… Keep Reading

Spring Cleaning & Printable Checklist

Can you believe spring is right around the corner?  Like many areas, we experienced a rather mild winter.  I am hoping (knock on wood) that we won’t get a surprise from Mother Nature with a late winter.   This weekend we Spring ahead with the clocks.  I love that extra hour of daylight in the… Keep Reading