Oreo Truffles
Prep time
Serves: 28 truffles
  • 15.25oz package chocolate creme Oreo cookies
  • 8oz package of cream cheese
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Chocolate sprinkles (optional)
  1. Break up Oreo cookies and place in food processor.  Blend on highest speed until cookies are finely chopped.  
  2. Mix cookie crumbs with cream cheese until well combined.  Chill mixture in refrigerator for 30 minutes.  
  3. Make tablespoon size balls and place on wax paper.  Chill balls in refrigerator for another 15 minutes.  
  4. Melt chocolate using a double boiler or in microwave.  Let melted chocolate cool slightly and roll truffle balls in chocolate.  Place back on wax paper.  Top with sprinkles.  Place in refrigerator until chocolate hardens.  
  5. Store in air tight containers.
Notes and variations-
I mix the Oreo crumbs with the cream cheese using my stand mixer.  This method combines the cream cheese with the crumbs quickly.  You can also do this by hand with a large spoon or using your hands as well.  

Place Hershey kisses or caramel pieces in the center of truffles and make round balls.

Roll balls in white chocolate.

Let chocolate cool enough that it is still easy to roll truffles in but you don't want to roll the truffles in warm chocolate hot out of the microwave or off the stove.  
Recipe by Mother Thyme at http://www.motherthyme.com/2011/11/oreo-truffles.html