Strawberry Pie

Is it Monday already?  Where did the weekend go?  Well there is no need to frown when I am serving up delicious Strawberry Pie today!  Pie can brighten someones day; especially when its made with a homemade pie crust and fresh strawberries.  

I have been in the mood for baking a pie ever since I made the Blueberry Buttercream Cake with Blueberry Filling a few weeks ago when my original intentions with that was a pie.  I’m happy I finally got my pie made;  it was well worth the wait.   

I came across these strawberries at my local wholesale club for a mere $2.49 for 2 pounds.  It was crazy cheap and I couldn’t pass these strawberries up.  I love the fact this recipe doesn’t use any gelatin; its just pure, fresh strawberries.  I got this recipe years ago from my mother’s friend and neighbor.  He was at her house for a picnic and brought this.  It was love at first bite and I had to have this recipe.  It has been in my recipe box for years and I never changed a thing.  

The key is when making the filling to let the sauce get really thick before adding it to the sliced strawberries.  The thicker the sauce is, the less runny the filling is.  If the gel is not thickening add more cornstarch.  I never had to before;  I follow these directions below and never had an issue.  

This recipe can be used with a ready made pie crust to save a little time.  Below I share my simple homemade pie crust that only takes a few minutes to make and bakes in the oven when making the filling.  Either way the end result is a delicious strawberry pie.

Serve with a smile and fresh whip cream!

Strawberry Pie
(Click here for a printable version of this recipe)

For pie crust, use 1 9″ ready made pie shell or follow directions below for pie crust.  Bake and let cool before filling.    

If using recipe below for pie crust, begin by preheating oven to 350 degrees.  Once pie shell is made, bake for 30-35 minutes and let cool before filling.  

For the crust
Makes 1 9″ pie shell

1/2 cup shortening
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup cold water
Flour for dusting

Using a dough hook or spoon mix shortening, flour, sugar and salt together until crumbly.  Add water and continue to mix until dough forms.

Sprinkle flour on to clean surface and rolling pin.  Roll out dough using additional flour as needed.  Transfer to pie dish and press against sides and rims pinching the top using fingers or fork.   

Some pie recipes require the crust to be baked before filling, such as custards, pudding while others require the the shell to bake after its filled.  Use shell as directed.  

If baking shell before filling preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Fill empty shell with pie weights and bake for 30-35 minutes or until shell is golden brown removing pie weights half way thru.   

Let cool before filling.

For strawberry filling

1 1/2 quarts strawberries, sliced
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons corn starch
2 tablespoons water

Mash 2 cups berries to a pulp using blender or potato masher.  In a small bowl combine water and cornstarch until cornstarch is dissolved.  In a large pot combine pulp, sugar and cornstarch and cook on medium-high until mixture becomes thick and transparent.  Remove from heat and cool slightly.

Add sauce to remaining berries and mix to coat.  Pour in to baked pie shell and chill.

Garnish as desired.  


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  1. I really have been wanting to make pie for awhile this summer. But I feel like I need to have a dinner party in order to do so because my boyfriend isn’t a big dessert person and although I would love a pie all to myself it’s probably not a good idea. This pie looks great!

  2. Thanks! I would love a pie all to myself too. The one thing that happens for me when I make a pie, I keep taking a little piece here and a little piece there. Next thing I know, half the pie is gone!

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