Day 2- 25 Days of Christmas Inspiration

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Today is a memorable day for me.  Two years ago today Mr. Mother Thyme and I were in the final stage of our second round of IVF and I was having two embryos transferred.  After a long journey of trying to create a family we were praying for a miracle that this round of IVF would be successful.

Two years later, those two beautiful embryos that were transferred on that memorable day are our miracles, our wonderful 16 month old twins.

I have learned through that journey that patience is a virtue.  And now patience is a virtue when chasing around my very energetic twins!

I feel so blessed but it was definitely a long road to get here.  We went through many years of heartache and disappoinment.  I always tell people that no matter what, don’t ever give up!  

My inspiration for today is to count your blessings.  Never give up hope.  Miracles do happen!

ps:  Happy Birthday Granny!  xo

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