Dry Erase Menu Board

What’s on the dinner menu this week?  How about displaying it on a simple to make dry erase menu board.  

With a few easy to get supplies you can create this weekly menu board to feature what is for dinner.

What I love about this project is you are not using a lot of printer ink (which can be costly) by printing out an already existing printable.  This uses simple black ink and the paper is scrapbook paper that you can pick up at the craft store pretty cheap.

There is scrapbook paper in all shades, seasons and themes.  Create one for the Spring and a new one for the Fall.  Make one that goes with your kitchen decor.  The one shown is the one in my kitchen.  My kitchen is black and cream so this one goes so nicely in my kitchen tucked in the corner.

This is a great way for the family to know what is on the dinner menu for the evening.  Place it on a plate stand or hang it on the wall.  This doesn’t take long to make and is a great accent to the kitchen.

Want to create one for your kitchen?  Check out my instructions at Mothertime Marketplace including the printable for the Menu shown.  

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