Baked Banana Oatmeal with Strawberries

I love my kids.  They are going to be two in July.  I can’t believe it!  Where does time go?  It seems just like yesterday I was waddling around carrying these two munchkins in my belly.

The twins have not been willing to eat with utensils.  And why not when its so much easier to eat with our hands, right?   They do hold their fork or spoon but with their other hand while shoveling the food in their mouths the other.  As you can imagine I thoroughly enjoy the daily mess I have to clean up after each meal.  Food all over the floors, in the hair and jelly smeared across their faces.  And when it seems like I just cleaned up from one meal we are ready to do it all over again.

When I make their meals I have to take what they will eat with their little hands into consideration.  I like to make them oatmeal and have often and as much as I try to get them to eat it with their spoon I end up surrendering as I am outnumbered.  

That is when the light bulb went off and thought instead of making messy, creamy all in the hair oatmeal why don’t I bake it so the consistency is thicker making it easier for them to eat and for me to enjoy.  Let me tell you the end result holds together nicely.  Enjoy alone, topped with berries or even with a splash of milk.  

Want the recipe?  Check it out at Mothertime Marketplace clicking HERE.    

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