Free Christmas Chalkboard Printables

Free Christmas Chalkboard Printables

I have a confession to make.  I am addicted to printables.  You know those printables you can find floating around Pinterest. I had printed a bunch of them thanks to Pinterest for the fall and they looked fabulous in my house. You can see a glimpse of them in a Fall Printables post I did at Mothertime Marketplace.

I needed to add some holiday prints to the fall ones that I took down.  I was inspired after seeing free christmas chalkboard printables.  My kitchen is cream and black and love to to accent it with green and white for the holidays.  I knew these chalkboard printables would be a great addition to my empty frames.  I couldn’t find any printables that were my style so I decided to create some of my own.  They look fabulous and I am so happy how they turned out that I had to share my little DIY printables with you.

If you love printables like I do,  I hope you enjoy these holiday chalkboard printables that I created.  You can print these as an 8×10 then pop them in a frame and hang on a wall or tuck in an empty bookshelf.

You can easily download 4 FREE ones here. And for more designs and printables, check out my Etsy shop Sugar and Thyme. You can find more great Christmas Chalkboard prints available for instant download!  

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