Designing Your Signature Kitchen

How would you like to have renowned designer Nate Berkus design and remodel your kitchen that incorporates LG Studio appliances? Enter the “My Kitchen Needs Nate” Contest and submit your video telling them why your kitchen needs Nate — read below for more details!  


I love my kitchen, but I have been eager to make some changes.

When we bought our home four years ago, I immediately fell in love with the kitchen.  The previous owners updated it shortly before we bought it, so it was in great condition.

We have cream color custom cabinetry that I love in contrast with the countertops.  Being a smaller kitchen, the lighter cabinetry makes the kitchen feel larger.  If you have ever watched any of my cooking videos, you have had a chance to get a peek inside my kitchen.

We bought our home for the beautiful, tranquil setting.  I’ll admit, I have had some moments that I just wanted to pack up and buy a new home so I could enjoy some modern updates, but the task of selling and buying a new home is overwhelming.

LGStudio2 copy

Lately, Mr. Mother Thyme and I have been going around the house doing some updates.  We recently repainted our family room to include painting all the trim white.  

What a difference a few coats of paint makes!

Now we are anxious to start the next room…the kitchen!

Designing Your Signature Kitchen | Mother Thyme
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My design style is simple chic.  Having young children, we want our home to be light, inviting and most importantly family friendly.  If you want to make updates to your kitchen like me, it doesn’t take a demolition to make it fresh and new.  With new LG Studio appliances, canisters, updated rugs, new lighting, new art on the walls and the addition of fresh flowers, easy changes can make a world of difference in your kitchen!  

For more of my design ideas, visit my Kitchen Design Ideas Pinterest Board.


LG Studio & Nate Berkus

LG Studio announced its partnership with renowned decorator and product designer Nate Berkus for its high-end LG Studio kitchen line earlier this year.  LG Studio chose to partner with Nate as a result of their shared commitment to living with what is well thought out and well designed, without sacrificing personality. His unique skill set complements LG Studio’s plans to continue delivering premium appliances built with sophistication and functional elegance in mind. Timeless sophistication is the signature of the LG Studio Collection, a beautiful complement to the advanced technology that elevates the entire series. As the artistic advisor to the LG Studio Collection, Nate brings his celebrated style to LG’s premium appliances. His sophisticated yet accessible style resonates strongly with homeowners, and he is recognized amongst them as an inspirational expert on kitchen remodeling and design.

LG Studio Signature Kitchen with Nate Berkus

Nate and LG Studio have teamed up to help homeowners create their signature kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, but for many, it’s one of the most difficult rooms to design. His expertise and insight will provide consumers with useful feedback to help them create their most beautiful kitchens. The LG Studio Signature Kitchen with Nate Berkus focuses on a kitchen web series in which Nate responds to kitchen remodeling and design-based questions from his and LG’s social communities in the form of personalized videos, some of which were shot during a live event at the LG Studio Kitchen in Manhattan last week. Nate also filmed five exclusive videos offering insight and expertise on various design trends, including achieving a well-appointed kitchen, summer in the kitchen, layered design, entertaining in the kitchen, and technology in the kitchen. Visit to watch Nate in the kitchen sharing his expert design tips and insights!


“My Kitchen Needs Nate” Contest

Beginning June 19 and extending to July 31, consumers are encouraged to enter the “My Kitchen Needs Nate” contest in which the winner will receive a Nate Berkus designed and remodeled kitchen that incorporates LG Studio appliances. Contestants are asked to shoot a video of themselves in their kitchen, noting the personal inspiration point they want Nate to incorporate in his design and why they’re excited about LG Studio’s line of appliances. LG Studio and Nate will choose the winner based on the following criteria: compelling design opportunity, quality of LG Studio appliance-based answer and visibility of kitchen space. Once the renovation is complete, renovation episodes, tip videos and images capturing the renovation will be posted to and shared across LG and Nate’s social properties. 

Readers may submit video entries at for a chance to win a new kitchen renovation, designed by celebrity designer Nate Berkus and furnished with LG Studio appliances.

Does your kitchen need Nate and the LG Studio line of appliances? Send LG Studio a video and tell them all about it. Make sure to include the following:

  • You are the star. Make sure you’re in your kitchen and that LG Studio can see a 360° view of it.
  • Tell LG Studio your story. Describe for them the design elements that matter most to you. NOTE: They’re going to see a lot of videos, so make it great!
  • Tell LG Studio what you love so much about LG Studio appliances
  • Enter the My Kitchen Needs Nate contest for a chance to win a new kitchen renovation, designed by celebrity designer Nate Berkus and furnished with LG Studio appliances


LG Studio Product Information

The LG Studio line provides an uncompromising approach to design and function, delivering an enriched cooking experience for today’s home chefs.  The full kitchen suite has been designed with seamless integration in mind, highlighting clean lines and delivering a timeless feel that serves as the foundation of a signature kitchen.  LG Studio’s bold, sophisticated look complements any personal style, and its innovative, intuitive technology supports kitchen passions or pastimes.  From built-in mega-capacity refrigerator-freezers to cooking appliances and dishwashers, LG Studio’s signature style includes premium stainless steel, distinctive door handles and knobs, LCD touch screen control panels, as well as radiant interior LED lighting – all helping to achieve a refined, sophisticated look. LG Studio appliances are among the handful of elements in any kitchen that are of the utmost importance, and Nate Berkus understands this. That’s why he recommends LG Studio as a key ingredient in designing a signature kitchen that reflects homeowners taste as well as lifestyle through the years. Learn more about the LG Studio Collection here.

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