Dollar Tree Farmhouse Style Flower Planter

Give the Dollar Tree Flower & Garden metal planter an easy makeover turning it into this pretty farmhouse style flower planter. Fill with your favorite plants, herbs, or flowers. These little planters are cute to use as little giftie baskets too. This DIY project takes less than 30 minutes to do!

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Style Flower Planter

What you need

  • Flower and Garden metal planter (Dollar Tree)
  • Waverly white chalk paint (Walmart)
  • FolkArt acrylic paint in Barn Wood and Iced Coffee (Hobby Lobby)
  • Piece of sand paper
  • Rope for knots on side (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hair dryer to speed up drying process
  • Faux plants, herbs, greeenery, or anything you’d like to use to fill.

This planter isn’t just cute for plants but to use in place of a basket. Use this decorative planter in the bathroom to store you supplies on the counter, or even on your nightstand. On an end table for books, remotes. So many cute ways to display this.

This project takes less than 30 minutes to make! So if you like quick and easy DIY projects on a budget like me, you’ll love this one for sure!


How to make

  • Start by giving a quick sand on the planter. This is totally optional but it only takes a minutes helps the paint adhere to the metal and cleans up any potential rough spots.
  • Add a light coat of chalk paint. Don’t add a thick coat.
  • Let it dry. Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.
  • Add a second coat of paint. Again, a thin coat is all you need.
  • Let that coat dry. Using a hairy dryer to speed up the drying process.
  • Once dry, lightly brush sand paper over letters until they show through. Do a few strokes at a time. Brush off dust. Keep doing that until desired look is achieved. Do this on both sides of planter.
  • Next it’s time to add some distressing. I used the color Barn Wood for most of the distressing.
  • Lightly dab paint brush in paint and then dab most of it off so you have a “dry brush” and lightly add strokes of paint. Go around planter until desired look is achieved.
  • Go over words with dry brush as well.
  • Add a few strokes of Iced Coffee paint color as an accent color to create some depth of color.
  • Let dry or use a hair dryer.
  • Use rope to make 2 knots.
  • Hot glue the knots to both sides of the planter.
  • Now you’re done! Fill with plants, flowers, herbs or as a caddy to for books, supplies, whatever you’d like!

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