Easy No Sew Lavender Sachets


  • 5 inch fabric squares (you need 2 squares for 1 sachet)
  • Heat n Bond fusible Web Adhesive
  • filling or cotton balls
  • lavender essential oil (optional)
  • dried lavender
  • iron
  • pinking shears (optional, but gives the sachets a finished edge)


  1. Place one of the squares right side DOWN. Cut adhesive to fit each side. Iron adhesive on fabric, one side at a time. Remove paper.
  2. Once all 4 sides are done, grab your other fabric square and place on top, right side UP. Iron ONLY 3 SIDES together per package instructions. The product I use says 20 seconds a side. KEEP ONE SIDE OPEN TO FILL.
  3. Grab a little filling, or pull apart a cotton swab. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the filling. and stuff in the opening.
  4. Add a few heaping scoops of the dried lavender. I use about 1/3 cup. Top with a little more filling. Note – You don't want it to be overstuffed like a actual pillow but just enough. You want it to be able to lay relatively flat if tucked in a pillow, under a cushion, etc…
  5. Once it's stuffed, press with iron to seal and close.
  6. Use picking shears and go around the edges to add that finishing touch.
  7. I like making little 3 packs of lavender sachets with coordinating fabrics. I'll tie them with ribbon, perfect for gift giving!


Charm packs work great, or use leftover fabric and cut them into 5 inch squares.

Highland Organic Ultra Blue Dried Lavender from Amazon is the brand I use.

Heat n Bond Ultra Soft Stretch adhesive is the brand I use.