No-Sew Shamrock Pillow

Deck your home for St. Patrick’s Day with this easy, no-sew Shamrock Pillow. These are easy to make with just a few supplies. These are cute on a couch, tucked on a shelf, or even add a little twine to hang on a wall or door!


Everyone loves these shamrock pillows! They are so cute! Not only are they cute, but they are super easy to make too! With just a few simple supplies you’ll be on your way to creating these adorable shamrock pillows in no time!

What you need

  • Shamrock template (download HERE for free)
  • Fleece (I used this soft gray check fleece baby blanket from the Dollar Tree)
  • Stuffing/filling – I use Mountain Mist Polyester Fiberfill from Joann
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon for the bow
  • Good scissors
  • Air soluble pen or erasable marking pen. I get mine at Joann


Watch here how to easily make these shamrock pillows yourself!

Print Template

Start by printing the shamrock template. You can download it for FREE here. It is in 3 pages. Top left/Top right/Bottom left.

Print then tape the pieces of paper together as close to the edge as possible. Use cardstock for a thicker template. Painters tape also works great too. I suggest painting the template in the back.

Some printers don’t print the ends so you’ll just need to connect the edges.

IMPORTANT! Make sure when you hit PRINT that you change the setting to PRINT ACTUAL SIZE so you get the actual size shamrock.

Once you printed and taped the template, cut it out on the lines. Place template on fleece and with good scissors cute out the shamrock.


To save time, place two pieces of fleece together and cut it out at the same time. I suggest pinning the fabric at first so it doesn’t shift. Also use a air soluble pen or erasable pen so your markings dissolve. This is especially important if you are cutting the fabric together so you don’t need to take apart once you cut both pieces together.

Once you have your 2 shamrocks cut out, it’s time to seal them together. Go around the edges with your hot glue, doing little sections at a time. Leave a pocket open up top to stuff. Don’t worry if you miss a little spot, you can always go back after it is stuffed to seal up.

Once the edges are sealed, add stuffing, then seal the top shut.

Add a bow if desired around the bottom and you have a cute little soft and cozy shamrock pillow!


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