6 Farmhouse-Style Valentine’s Day Crafts

6 Farmhouse-Style Valentine's Day Crafts

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Wait until you see these adorable farmhouse-style Valentine’s Day crafts! They are so cute and look like something you would see at a craft show.

Up first are these adorable faux Valentine’s Day faux mini pies. Perfect for a tiered tray or to tuck on a shelf in your kitchen.

Valentine’s Day faux mini pie

6 Farmhouse-Style Valentine's Day Crafts

I love making these darling faux mini pies. I’ve shared many of them here, on my Instagram page and on my YouTube channel. They are so cute to decorate with on a tiered tray, on a shelf or vignette in your kitchen. They also make a thoughtful gift too!


  • Mini pie dish or ramekins. I get them at HomeGoods and I stocked up on some when I found ceramic ramekins that were perfect for these at Dollar Tree last fall.
  • Stuffing from an old pillow or you can find it at the craft store.
  • Muslin – I get mine at Hobby Lobby. It’s inexpensive but you can save even more when you purchase it on sale.
  • Scrap fabric for heart.
  • Glitter. I used glitter from Hobby Lobby and Recollections extra fine glitter in snow from Michaels.
  • Spray glue – I get it at Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Accents – I make a cute little stamped tag using my clickable stamps (HERE) and a button. The buttons I use are from a jar of buttons from Walmart.

You can watch the full tutorial on how I make the faux pie HERE.

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Homespun Heart Door Hanger

6 Farmhouse-Style Valentine's Day Crafts

I absolutely love how this heart door hanger turned out. It’s 2 feet long too! And guess what I used to make this? Foam board from Dollar Tree!

I love using foam board from Dollar Tree to make these oversized door hangers. I’ve shared several of these in the past including a gingerbread, Christmas tree, pumpkin, bunny, and mittens.

Not only is this cute as a door hanger, but you can hang this anywhere in your home or even as a wall sitter too. It would look super cute leaning against a blanket ladder or shelf.


  • Foam board from Dollar Tree
  • 3/4 yard homespun fabric, or any fabric that coordinates with your style. I get my homespun at Hobby Lobby.
  • Box cutter or similar. I use a rotary cutter.
  • Spray glue or spray adhesive
  • Twine or wire to hot glue to the back to hang
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Accents – I used raffia, some greenery, pip berry and a tag.

Watch the full tutorial HERE.

Mop Head Heart Wreath

6 Farmhouse-Style Valentine's Day Crafts

This soft and cuddly heart wreath is so easy to make with most of the supplies from Dollar Tree.

To give it a rustic look I like to coffee stain my mop heads.

How to Coffee Stain Mop Heads

I stain my mop heads and muslin in coffee to give it more of a primitive/rustic look. To do this, I take 2 quarts warm water plus 1 cup instant coffee in a large bucket and mix it until dissolved.

Next I dip my mop heads in the coffee mixture and then ring it out. I do this a few times until I get the desired look. Then I set it aside to dry. The mop heads absorb a lot of liquid so I wring and rinse them out really well until I get the desired look.

For smaller projects like this I usually eye ball the instant coffee to warm water since I don’t need as much. For the mop heads I usually do about 4-5 cups water and sprinkle in the instant coffee, about 1/4 cup of so.


  • Wire heart wreath form from Dollar Tree
  • 4 mop heads from Dollar Tree
  • Ribbon or muslin to hang
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Any additional accents if desired

Watch the tutorial on how I make the wreath and coffee stain the mop heads HERE.

Candy Holder

6 Farmhouse-Style Valentine's Day Crafts

This super cute candy holder makes a great addition to this Valentine’s Day collection. It’s super easy to make too with just a few supplies most from Dollar Tree.

This is cute to use in your decor, or to make to give as a gift.


  • Candle holder – Dollar Tree
  • Jar – Dollar Tree
  • Hot glue
  • Clear E6000 – I get it at Hobby Lobby
  • Accents – I added homespun and a stamped muslin tag.

Watch the tutorial HERE.

Rustic Heart Muffin Pan

6 Farmhouse-Style Valentine's Day Crafts

I found this cute heart muffin pan at Dollar Tree and knew I wanted to play with it for a craft. I ended up deciding to give it a rustic look with my favorite technique, Mod Podge and Cinnamon.

I love doing this method and I have shared this on a lot of crafts. The end result of applying Mod Podge and cinnamon is a rustic look.

I usually spray paint the item before I apply the Mod Podge and cinnamon. I like to use Rust Oleum in the color Espresso.

For this muffin tin I opted to save the step of spray painting it and just applied the Mod Podge and cinnamon.

Working in sections I simply apply a coat of Mod Podge, sprinkle it with cinnamon, tap the excess off, then gently dab Mod Podge on top of the cinnamon. Once it’s covered, I set it aside to dry.


  • Heart muffin tin from Dollar Tree
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Cinnamon
  • Accents – I wrapped torn homespun around the pan and a tag using my clickable stamps. You can find the clickable stamps I use HERE.

Watch the full tutorial HERE.

Valentine’s Day Bookstacks

6 Farmhouse-Style Valentine's Day Crafts

I shared this last year along with the free book covers HERE. I love these bookstacks because I can easily change out the bookstacks seasonally.

This year I switch it up with some homespun and distressed the bookstacks with Distress Oxide in the color Vintage Photo. I get it at Hobby Lobby. You can find it on Amazon too.


  • Old books – I get books from Dollar Tree
  • Book covers – you can download them for free HERE.
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter – optional
  • Glue stick
  • Score tool – optional
  • Accents – I used homespun. You can use whatever ribbon you’d like. I also distressed the paper with distress oxide in the color Vintage Photo and added a cute little tag using my clickable stamps.

Watch the tutorial HERE.


Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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