Day 11- 25 Days of Christmas Inspiration

Photo by:  Jennifer | Mother Thyme onto Pinterest
Yesterday we took the twins to the local festival of lights.  It is so pretty to drive through the light show drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music.  The twins got a kick looking at the lights.  I love seeing life through their eyes.  Everything is so new and exciting.  

Doner or Vixen?  via Instagram
After we drove through the lights we bundled up and walked around the “North Pole” where there are a variety of activities including kids game shows, train rides,  and of course Santa Clause.  I can’t wait until the twins are a few years older and they really get in to all the activities.  

When we got home The Polar Express was on, one of my favorite holiday movies.  

After an evening at the North Pole and enjoying The Polar Express I believe;  today’s inspiration.  

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  1. Yes! It was a magical night, that’s for sure! Thanks for letting us join in making memories for the babies … we just loved it. And PS … great picture of “Donner and Blitzen” 🙂

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