Day 5- 25 Days of Christmas Inspiration

Source:  Flickr
I love Christmas music, especially this time of year.  Every morning when we wake up and enjoying breakfast, I have the Christmas music playing in the background.  The twins seems to get a kick out of the Christmas music.

I found this sheet music on Pinterest and Flickr thought it was beautiful.  This is great to print out and frame, roll up in scrolls and set in a basket or to use on your dining table by placing a different song on each place setting.   

Source:  Flickr on to Pinterest
Silent Night is one of my favorites and I sing it to the twins almost every night.  

Todays inspiration is to enjoy the holiday music this time of year.  Play it in the house or while driving in the car.  Nothing gets me in to the holiday spirit more than a Christmas carol or two.  

Time to Deck the Halls!

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  1. This is one of your best ideas Jenn … just looove the old sheet music!! Brings back wonderful memories 😉 XO

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