Day 23- 25 Days of Christmas Inspiration

Source:  Picklebums onto Pinterest
I love my kids, I mean LOVE them.  Words can not describe how I feel about these two little miracles that have blessed our lives.  

I can’t wait to see their reactions this Christmas.  I know in another year or two they will really be into it, but I am still anxious to see how they react to presents under the tree, what presents they seem to like and how the are overall to all the activity going on.  

To me, they are my Christmas present.  They are the best thing in my life and I don’t want anything else than to be the best mother to them.  My husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and when I tell him nothing, I’m serious.  Sure I’d love a few things, but those are materialistic things that at the end of the day really don’t matter.  What is most important to me is my twins.   They make things in our lives so Merry and Bright.

I found this lovely printable on Picklebums and thought it was fitting for today.  

Today’s inspiration-  Merry and Bright.

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  1. awww … this is so sweet and so true. It brought a tear to my eye, as I know the sincerity behind it. You finally have the greatest gift of all. Merry Christmas Jennifer! May all your days be Merry and bright 😉

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