Basic Fabric Rosette

I enjoy simplicity and being able to make something by cutting corners or doing it a slightly different but still achieving the same or similar results.

I love rosettes.  They are so pretty and work as great embellishments on anything from picture frames and pillows to headbands and wreaths.   Just following the steps to create a simple and basic rosette can lead to many decorating possibilities.

Supplies needed

– A piece of felt cut out in a circle slightly larger than the size of the rosette.  Use a felt color similar to the color fabric.
– Glue gun

– Strip of fabric approximately 2-3 inches wide.   Depending on the size of the rosette will determine the length of fabric required.  

A Basic Rosette

Step 1- Make a knot at one of the fabric.  

Step 2- Place a dab of hot glue in the center of felt.  

Step 3- Place knot on glue and press firmly until knot holds

Step 4-  Start wrapping the fabric around the knot, placing a dab of glue around to hold in place.  Make as tight or as lose as desired.  Twist fabric as fabric is being wrapped.

Step 5-  Continue to wrap, placing a small amount of glue to hold fabric in place until desired size is achieved.

Step 6-  Cut felt closely around the rosette.  Either tuck end behind and hold with a dab of glue,  tuck under previous row or snip extra fabric and neatly glue into place.

Step 7- Gently pull on fabric to mold to desired look.

Step 8- Use in embellishing projects like this Shabby Fabric Wreath.

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