Cake Decorating: Part 2

Cupcakes are a big trend.  From cupcake shows like Cupcake Wars to cupcakes shops on every street corner;  you can find cupcakes just about anywhere.

But what draws up to these little bites of goodness?  Usually the  unique flavors and the beautifully embellished clouds of frosting mounded on top of them.  The cuter they look, the more attention they get.  Gone are the days where you took your spatula to apply the frosting.  Cupcakes are just not the same if you aren’t piping the frosting out of a pastry bag.  
I used to just take my big old Wilton Tip 1 and dollop frosting on each cupcake.  I thought cute, right?  It gave the cupcake height and texture.  Now after finishing my recent cake decorating class I have a entire new bag of tricks to whip up on my next batch of cupcakes.
I have learned through these classes that simply having the right tools, importantly the tips, pastry bags of course and the right technique you can create anything imaginable and very simply.
Whipping up a batch of cupcakes, adding some creamy frosting and a few rosettes, or drop flowers on top will make your cupcakes look like they came out of the cute little corner cupcake shop.  Place them in a cute little box and deliver them to someone special to make their day a little sweeter.

Made using tips 2D and 18
Here are some of my “tips” on creating the perfect embellishments-
  • As I mentioned  before invest in tips.  At the local craft store they have kits that sell a variety or you can purchase them individually. 
  • Practice.  In the student kits comes practice boards that have pictures and descriptions of hand placement and angel.  This makes it easy to learn the technique on how to apply the right amount of pressure to create what you want.  If you can’t make it to a class or there is not a class nearby where you live; they sell the student kits and books at the craft store (Joann, AC Moore etc…) pick one up to have on hand (which they also come with some tips) and you’ll have a practice board on hand to use and learn at home.  
Tips I love
2D-  this make the perfect drop flower.  With this tip and holding your bag at a 90 degree angel and just touching the serving while squeezing you can create a simple flower.  Use a smaller tip to make a center button to have a pretty flower. 
18- One of my favorites.  Makes a beautiful rosette that is simple to create.  Hold your hand at a 90 degree angel and begin to squeeze the icing, once a small amount has come out begin to swirl the icing without releasing pressure around to create a delicate rosette.  
352- Leaves.  I always saw leaves on cakes and cupcakes and thought they were so pretty but to see how easy they are to create with this tip is a great tip to have on hand. Squeeze and as it begins to build up pull away to form the point.  Simple and so pretty.  
233-  This is a fun little one to have on hand to create a shaggy look, or flowers.  The icing comes out stringy, so you can go around your cupcake to create a flower.
  • Filling the cupcakes.  What is a cupcake with a filling inside?  I have to admit I am not a huge fan of piping my filling.  I always seem not to get enough in.  I started to make a few holes if I pipe my filling in to get more but honestly for filling I like to core out the middle to get a generous amount of filling inside.  
  • Icing consistency also plays a key roll in developing these embellishments.  Aside from the leaves which you want a thin consistency, you want it most of the time a medium consistency icing for it to hold its shape.  
Disclosure-  Wilton is not affiliated with this review.  These opinions are my own and I was not ask or am being compensated.  
Made using 2D for the base,  352 for leaves and 233 for shaggy flower.


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  1. These are so cute. I’m working on a project that I plan to post this weekend or by Monday but have never seen this tip that is stringy. Now I may need to buy that one. Are your tips Wilton or Ateco?

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