Nutella Brownies Revisited

Today I’m hitting the MT archives.

A little over a year ago I posted a recipe for Nutella Brownies that were a huge hit.  Have you had a chance to try these?

Since then they have become one of my most popular recipes.  I can totally understand why;  they are incredible.  

I have recently updated the photos for these and launched my YouTube video series with these amazing Nutella Brownies.  

The only bummer is the video is a tad dark as we have to shoot in the evenings when I have some “mother thyme”.  I’m sure as we continue these videos we’ll work out those little kinks.  

I hope you enjoy my first video on these fabulous and delicious brownies.  We are already preparing the next video (hopefully with better lighting) that should be posted next week.  If there are any past recipes you would like to see me create in my videos series please let me know, I would love to hear what you would like to see in upcoming videos.  

If you recently started following me and haven’t had a chance to check out the older recipes I have shared I hope you take a moment and revisit the recipe for Nutella Brownies.  If you love Nutella or even brownies you definitely need to give these a try.  

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  1. this video is so great and cute! like i said to you on twitter, felt like i was in the kitchen with you! i need to start doing videos but i’m so afraid to be in front of the camera! These brownies look oh so good!!

  2. That’s a really beautiful video, I’m excited to see more from you! This is a nice ‘comfort’ brownie recipe. I’m not sure I love Nutella yet though.

  3. I tried these yesterday after seeing them from Roxanas fb page… BLISS !! I should say 🙂 Thanks much for the recipe. I just made a post on my blog today linking your post :))))

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