Currently Loving – OXO® POP Containers

Currently loving - OXO® POP Containers

It’s POPtober!

I am obsessed with OXO® POP Containers. I have been collecting them for several years, adding a few here and there to my collection.  Now my cupboards are filled with them.

I love to have organized cupboards. Not only does it look pretty, but it makes me more efficient in the kitchen. Need a cup of flour? I just grab my handy OXO® POP Container, grab a scoop and put it back. Everything is always nice and tidy.

I love it.

Currently Loving - OXO® POP Containers

As much as I love my kitchen, the one thing I have missed is a pantry. For the last four years that we have owned our home I have used a few cupboards to store all our pantry items. Using the POP Containers has kept my cupboards organized. You can take a peek into my organized cupboards HERE and HERE.

I have been dying for a designated pantry space for quite some time without breaking the bank or going through a major renovation. We had a closet in the laundry room right off the kitchen that I thought would be the perfect spot to create a pantry. With a little paint, a few shelves and POP Containers, we were able to easily create the perfect pantry. I love it. I have everything all in one space and the OXO® Pop Containers make it easy for me to clearly see all the items I have on hand.

Currently Loving - OXO® POP Containers
Currently Loving - OXO® POP Containers

Yes, I admit I have just stopped and stared into my pantry.

Why did it takes us four years to finally do this?

Before converting my pantry I loved having all my containers labeled. Now, I love the clean look of the containers without labels on them. How do I know what’s in them? Well, if it’s not obvious, or if someone else like Mr. Mother Thyme is in the pantry looking for something, I have added small, removable labels on the back of the containers. What is also nice about doing it that way is when the container is empty, if I don’t need to replace that item, I can easily reuse the container for something else. The square and rectangle shapes of the POP Containers are space efficient.

Currently Loving - OXO® POP Containers Instead of adding large labels to containers, simply add a small label to the back of the container to have a clean look in your pantry.

Whether you have a large walk-in pantry or have limited space, OXO® POP Containers are space efficient and make it easy to quickly organize your pantry. I love that the lids were designed for stacking. Don’t know where to start? I suggest picking up a starter set of containers and just building your collection from there. Before you know it you pantry will be filled with these amazing containers that will keep all your items organized and fresh.

To check out more of my favorite OXO® POP Containers and some of my favorite OXO® organizational tools, follow my Pinterest board HERE. You can find POP Containers at The Container Store locations nationwide or

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Currently loving - OXO® POP Containers


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Disclosure: I received OXO® POP Containers for review but was not compensated for this post. All opinions are as always, my own.

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  1. Like you, I turned a closet into a pantry. I love the clean look of yours with the containers. I know what is going on my birthday list!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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