Enjoy The Ride With PERK Vent Wraps + Giveaway

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Enjoy the Ride with PERK Vent Wraps #PERKFresh

Have you ever gotten into a car and thought what is that smell?

There is nothing worse than getting into a stinky car. Boots, dogs, food, kids, sports equipment, you name it that have been in the car can leave an unpleasant smell we could do without. And if you have spilled milk in the car before (guilty!) than forget it. The hot sun beaming into a car makes the smells worse. It’s just down right nasty.

I recently tried PERK Vent Wrap and they have made my car smell so good! I love that they are not overpowering when I open the car door just a subtle, fresh smell. PERK is an innovative brand of automotive air fresheners offering long-lasting, high-quality fragrances in a variety of formats to fit your lifestyle. They are available in a variety of amazing PERK fragrances, including favorites such as Golden Vanilla, Caribbean Colada and New Car.

Enjoy the Ride with PERK Vent Wraps #PERKFresh

Enjoy the Ride with PERK Vent Wraps #PERKFresh

What I loved about PERK Vent Wraps is that it’s so easy to use! It simply wraps about the vent blade and is significantly more discreet than vent air fresheners. It also doesn’t block air flow from the vent and allows your vent to be adjusted as needed, unlike other vent air fresheners and will work whether the vent is on or off!

I couldn’t wait for Mr. Mother Thyme to test these out as well. He travels a lot in the car for work. Every week he is traveling somewhere spending most of his day behind the wheel. I put one in his car and you can instantly notice a difference. A few days later when he came home after traveling I went in his car and it smelled the same as when I put the PERK Vent Wrap in! With StediScent™ technology it delivers consistent fragrance that is the same from the first day to the last day.

So if you are ready to get rid of the stinky smell that lingers in your car I definitely encourage you to try PERK Vent Wraps! PERK products can be found at Walmart, Target, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Meijer, Kroger, Pep Boys, Publix, CVS, and other places auto air fresheners are sold. And right now you can get a $1 off PERK coupon so you can try and smell the difference today! You can also stay connected with PERK and get the latest news and info on PERK’s Facebook page. 

Enjoy the Ride with PERK Vent Wraps #PERKFresh


I have an awesome giveaway from my friends at PERK! They are giving away an incredible prize pack to one lucky MT reader! The prize pack includes –

  • 6 month supply of PERK products/fragrance
  • 1 PERK travel mug
  • 2 pair of PERK sunglasses (1 green/1 black)

To enter, simply fill out the entry form below! Good luck!

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