Back to School Printable Tags

Start the school year off with these adorable Back to school Printable Tags attached to a sweet treat! Perfect giftie for teacher, students, assistants and helpers!

My kids are going back to school! I can’t believe it! This summer flew by! I feel like I say that every year, but this summer really flew by! It was a busy summer but we didn’t have any big adventures, but 10 weeks went by like that!

Back to school is like a fresh start. Whipping the slate clean and starting new. I love that. Even though I’m not in school, as a mom as my kids get a fresh start and a new year, I try to implement that in my life too. Key word *try*! This season of back to school I’m focusing on personal organization and really trying to be present. I feel like the years are going by so quickly and I’m ready to press the pause button. Just savor the moment with my kids as they grow up. I feel like yesterday they were just little peeps starting kindergarten, now it’s 4th grade and I know in a blink of an eye they’ll be heading into high school.

Along with being present I want to continue to bless and show gratitude to others. I feel like a little giftie can brighten someones day. So I’m starting the school year off with these cute little gifties but to show appreciation to those that help at school.

These adorable back to school printable tags are great for teachers, helpers, assistants or even students. Just grab any sweet treat, some cute ribbon from Hobby Lobby or any craft store and print these tags and you have a cute giftie to start the school year.

These are great not just for the first day of school, but even as you head in to meet the teacher or open house.

For these I used pies from Walmart. Those cute little pies are only 50 cents, but add some ribbon and the tags what a yummy sweet treat to show appreciation and gratitude to someone at school. Just a way to say thanks, and wishing them a sweet school year!

You can download these tags for FREE below and enjoy! If you use these tags I’d love to see! Snap a pic and tag me on social media @motherthyme!


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