No-Sew Ghost Bowl Filler – Free Pattern

Looking for a cute and easy Halloween craft? These no-sew ghost bowl filler are easy to make and look so cute tucked in a bowl, or make a few and wrap up as gifts! They’re boo-tiful!


How cute are these ghosts? I love the shabby look to them. Not only are they cute, they’re so easy to make too! You can whip up a bunch quick.

Gather up a few supplies and you’ll be on you’re way to making these cuties!

What you need

  • Muslin fabric (see below on how I stain mine to look shabby and primitive)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Black paint pen (I use a sharpie paint pen in black)
  • Polyfil or use the filling from an old throw pillow
  • Stamps, optional – click HERE for the stamps I use
  • Pattern – download below. Make sure your print settings are set to ACTUAL SIZE so you it doesn’t shrink the pattern.

To make these cuties simply print and cut out the pattern.

Next you’ll need some muslin fabric if you’d like them to look like mine. See below on how I grunge my fabric to look old and primitive. Feel free to have fun and make these with any fabric you’d like. If you have some scrap fabric on hand you can use that too.

Trace the pattern on the fabric. Then place another piece of fabric underneath and pin together. Next cut your pieces of fabric.

Hot glue around the edges, leaving about 1/8-1/4 inch seam. Leave an opening on the bottom to fill.

Add filling then close up hole with hot glue.

Next add a little eyes and mouth with paint pen.

To make these even cuter tear a piece of muslin fabric. I stamped the fabric then hot glued it to the ghosts.

Easy peasy!



I stain my muslin in coffee to give it more of a primitive/rustic look. To do this, I take 2 quarts warm water plus 1 cup instant coffee in a large bucket and mix it until dissolved.

Next I dip my muslin in the coffee mixture and then ring it out. I do this a few times until I get the desired look. Then I set it aside to dry.

I take the left over coffee mixture and pour it into a spray bottle and use that to spray on fabrics to make them look grungy.

Another way to do it is take 2 cups warm water with 1/2 cup of instant coffee, mix it together and pour into a spray bottle. Then I’ll spray it on fabric. Let it absorb for a few minutes then dab it off. I’ll do this a few times until I get the desired look.


If you aren’t staining a lot of fabric you can divide this recipe. Sometimes if I’m in a rush and I’m just staining a half yard of fabric I’ll add a few cups warm water to a bowl and sprinkle in some instant coffee. Once it’s dissolved I’ll dunk my fabric until I get the desired look.

If you make these too I’d love to see! Make sure you snap a picture and tag me on Instagram @motherthyme.



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  1. Adorable! On my list for this weekend! I have several large bags of leftover dried lavender we used to make sachets, so I might mix that in with the filler.
    Btw; I have a large antique wood bread bowl/trough (was originally used as a bread bowl, then she received 2 newer ones as wedding gifts – so this old one was delegated to “baby washing” when the first bundle of joy came along. She laughed when she told me “No one told me that once I started using it to wash BeBe, I needed to either reapply wax or rub it down with either sunflower or lavender oil, so after using it for a year – it was very dry. I dropped it one evening and this is what happened!” The bowl had split in half lengthwise – literally right down the middle. Her hubby used some sort of metal pieces (looked like gigantic metal staples. I think he sawed off the “head” end of long nails, bent them appropriately using heat and a hammer, and then “stapled it” back together). Because of this, she had marked it 75% less than a few others she was selling due to “it’s condition”. I loved it more than the ones which hadn’t broken! Anyway, when I got it home to fill with “whatever”, I had Hubby loosen it up just enough for me to get a small plug threaded through the underside, then he tightened it up again (being careful not to pinch the cord). Now the bottom of the bowl is lined with a heating pad I made a cover for out of muslin (so I could slip it off and wash it). After filling the bowl with potpourri, pinecones, etc, I turn the pad on the medium setting to create a better “throw” from whatever scent I’ve filled it with. I love it!

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