Easy Slow Cooker Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork


This is my go-to pulled pork recipe! It is SO GOOD! If you’ve never used Dr. Pepper to make pulled pork, you need to try this! The results are tender and juicy pulled pork every time! I don’t make it any other way!

Not only is this tender and juicy, it’s SO EASY too! Just need Dr. Pepper, a pork shoulder butt and some salt. That’s it! Sometimes when I’m feeling a spicy I’ll add in some other spicy like paprika, garlic powder and onion powder too but honestly most of the time it’s just the 3 ingredients!


A few key things to make this tasty!

  • Use a pork shoulder, pork shoulder, pork butt or Boston butt, pork shoulder butt. I usually get the Smithfield pork shoulder butt from Walmart.
  • Cook fat side up so all those yummy juicy melt into the pork.
  • Add your pork to the slow cooker, pour Dr. Pepper on top then rub in some salt. Season with your heart my friends.
  • Cook on low. While cooking on high or even in the instant pot works, the best results are low and slow!
  • Use regular Dr. Pepper – not diet or zero sugar.

Once it’s done it literally falls off the bone. Of course you’ll want to toss that out. I also trim any fat. You can shred that in if you’d want, but I try to trim some of that too.

You will also want to discard the liquid. I remove the pork from the slow cooker and place on a large cutting board. Trim the fat, and remove the bone. Once it’s cool I shred it up. It shreds like butter so shred it up to your desired liking.

This pork is amazing for pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, burritos, nachos (yum!) or to eat just with a fork!


Freeze it!

I also love freezing my cooked pulled pork too! It makes for easy meals, or for when a craving for a yummy pulled pork sandwich hits!

I keep enough pulled pork out for dinner then portion on the remaining pulled pork in freezer bags. I don’t stuff the bag and I also like to keep it in a single layer so I can lay it flat in my freezer. Also make sure you use good quality freezer bags and get all the air out when sealing. You can even use a vacuum sealer too!

When I want to make pulled pork, or need it for a recipe I pull out a bag and let the entire thing thaw or if I just need some (for like a sandwich) I’ll pull out what I need and reheat it in the microwave. It tastes just as fresh as the day I made it!

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Easy Slow Cooker Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

An easy recipe for tender and juicy pulled pork!

  • Author: Jenn (Mother Thyme)


  • 35 pound pork shoulder, pork shoulder butt, Boston butt, pork butt
  • 1 can regular Dr. Pepper
  • Salt



  • Add pork to slow cooker and pour Dr. Pepper on top.
  • Rub entire pork with salt, about 1/2-3/4 teaspoon. I just sprinkle salt on top and rub it in all over.
  • Place pork fat side up. Cover and cook on slow for 7-8 hours.
  • Remove pork from slow cooker and place on a large cutting board.
  • Discard the liquid the pork cooked in.
  • Trim and remove any fat off the pork and remove the bone(s). It should just easily fall out.
  • Once easy to touch shred pork to desired likeness.
  • Use for pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, burritos or however you’d like!


To freeze cooked pork I like to portion it out and place in a single layer in a good quality freezer bag or vacuum seal. When I need pulled pork, I just thaw out a package or remove the desired amount of pulled pork I need and reheat in the microwave. It tastes just as good as the day I made it!

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