Day 13- 25 Days of Christmas Inspiration

Photo by:  Jennifer | Mother Thyme onto Pinterest
If our Christmas tree remains standing until Christmas I’ll be happy.  I have had to make a few modifications to the family room Christmas tree this year so my two little munchkins don’t pull it down.  First we put a barrier around the tree.  The twins still seem to find a way to get their cute little fingers onto the branches to grab on to the garland or ornaments.  I have since moved most of the ornaments higher than they can reach.  Periodically I see the tree shaking and as I look over one or both of them are standing at the tree mesmerised with it or they may be plotting a way to get the tree down. 

I do have another tree in the sitting room which is where all the presents are around and the twins don’t get access to that room…yet!  If the twins got their hands on the presents they would tear them open.  I think they would be happy with just a bunch of paper and magazines for Christmas.  They are so entertained by shredding paper.  

I came across a fabulous idea last week thanks to Pinterest (of course) for making a felt tree and hanging it on the wall.  I quickly got a tree up for the twins to play with and enjoy taking the ornaments off.  This tree has distracted them somewhat from the larger tree in the room.  Unfortunately since I only had the felt tree hanging up with painters tape, they have now figured out how to take that tree down.  Back to the drawing board…

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In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the twinkling of the beautiful lights on the tree and watch as my beautiful twins gaze in to the lights in wonder.

O Christmas Tree– Today’s Inspiration.

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