One-Pot Meal: Cheesy Fiesta Chicken

An easy recipe for Cheesy Fiesta Chicken that can be made in one pot in just minutes thanks to Knorr® Rice Sides.

Cheesy Fiesta Chicken |

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We have been living at our camp for almost a month while our house is being remodeled. I’m anxious to get home and get settled before the kids start school in a few weeks. Our camp is an hour away from where we live so it’s been a lot of back and forth. We have been staying at our camp during the week and coming home on the weekends to check on the progress. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the results are amazing.

On top of dealing with the remodel I have been busy with back to school shopping while I have been at our camp since I don’t want to wait until the last minute when I get back home. Thankfully there is a Walmart not far from our camp that has been a lifesaver! I can stock up on school supplies for my kiddos and grocery shop all in one stop!

Cheesy Fiesta Chicken |

Cheesy Fiesta Chicken |

Even though I’m living out of storage bins at home and cooking in a smaller kitchen at our camp, I’m still trying my best to keep my meal plan going. Creating simple and easy family-friendly meals like this yummy Cheesy Fiesta Chicken is great when I need to make dinner in a snap thanks to Knorr® Rice Sides. With a few ingredients that I can easily find available at Walmart I can have dinner ready in no time. What I also like about this dish is I can have most of the items already on hand in my pantry to whip up anytime.

To add my little twist to this easy Cheesy Fiesta Chicken I use shredded chicken from a rotisserie chicken that I purchase hot and ready from Walmart and a can Mexican-style corn. I also use Mexican shredded cheese and add more cheese on top, because you can never have too much cheese. I the dish in the oven for a few minutes until it the cheese is melted. Before serving I sprinkle this with some Queso Fresco and some fresh herbs like cilantro. Some crushed tortilla chips are good on top too.

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It’s a busy time of year with kids going back to school. Evenings will be filled with after-school activities and homework. With easy Knorr® One-Pot Meals at Walmart like this Cheesy Fiesta Chicken you can enjoy more quality time with your family at the table and less time cooking with these easy meals from brands your family will love.

If you are a meal planner like me you will definitely want to add a few of these yummy recipes on the menu, especially for those busy nights. I also like to have one or two pantry meals stashed away as backup in case dinner plans change.

Cheesy Fiesta Chicken |


For more easy one-pot dinner ideas for recipes such as Knorr® Creamy Bruschetta Chicken or Knorr® Smoky Mac and Cheese Pasta and to get the full recipe for this Cheesy Fiesta Chicken click HERE or visit Easy Knorr One-Pot Meals at Walmart.

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