Easy Spring Bookstack – Free Printables

Make your own seasonal bookstacks with just a few supplies and these book covers!


I love seasonal bookstacks! They are so cute set on a table or tucked on a shelf. But buying them for every season can literally stack up and get pricey.

That is why I had the idea to create book covers to easily remove from books and switch out each season.

Not only are these cute for your own decor, but make sets to give as gifts too! Who wouldn’t love a set?

Have fun with these!

The spring collection includes spring, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter combos! So you can can switch them out for each!

Here are some of the combos you can create with the words included in this collection!



  • chocolate bunnies
  • chocolate bunnies 25¢
  • chocolate bunnies 25 cents
  • bloom with grace
  • plant grow bloom
  • fresh cut flowers
  • luck of the Irish
  • Happy Easter
  • Happy Easter Peeps
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day
  • farm fresh carrots
  • farm fresh carrots 25¢
  • farm fresh carrots 25 cents
  • fresh cut flowers
  • fresh cut flowers 25 cents
  • fresh cut flowers 25¢
  • tulips daisies daffodils
  • Easter Eggs Peeps Jelly Beans
  • bunny kisses 25¢
  • bunny kisses 25 cents
  • He is Risen
  • He is Risen Matthew 28:6

Or come up with your own combo!

Here are the words in this free collection!

If you missed the Valentine’s Day bookstacks, you can click HERE to get that too!

Words in collection

  • 25 cents
  • 25¢
  • bloom
  • bunnies
  • bunny
  • carrots
  • chocolate
  • cut
  • Day
  • daisies
  • daffodils
  • Easter Eggs
  • Easter and easter
  • farm fresh
  • farm
  • flowers
  • fresh
  • fresh cut
  • grace
  • grow
  • Happy and happy
  • He
  • He is
  • Irish
  • is
  • Jelly Beans
  • kisses
  • luck
  • Matthew 28:6
  • of the
  • Peeps
  • plant
  • Risen
  • St. Patrick’s
  • tulips
  • with

These are so easy to make! Just grab some books. Check the thrift store, dollar store, or shop your home!


What you need

  • Paperback books with a 1-inch thick binding and 5-inches wide. The books I am using are 5×7.
  • 8 1/2×11 paper or cardstock
  • Printer
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Glue stick, optional
  • Twine

You’ll need some paperback books that have about a 1-inch thick binding. The books I used have about 3/4-inch thick binding and it works find too.

Print the words you would like on regular paper or cardstock. I use just plain copy paper!

Remove the cover, back and binding off the book.

Next measure the length of your book on the cover and trim off the excess. I like to use a paper trimmer for a crisp cut. The one I use also has a scorer to score the paper too.

Once it’s cut to size, score the lines on the paper. I use the score attachment I have on my paper trimmer, or you can easily fold it over to create a score line.

Next I use a glue stick to on the top and bottom of the book and then add my new cover. You don’t have to use a glue stick, but I like to use a little to hold it in place.

Once I have my books covered I stack them together and wrap them with twine. You can use whatever accents you like such as ribbon, twine, bakers twine or you don’t need to use anything at all. You do you!

So quick and simple and an easy way to add touches of spring to your home!

Watch how easy I make these on Instagram!

If you make these I’d love to see, snap a picture and tag me on Instagram @motherthyme!

Download FREE Spring Bookstack Collection PDF


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