Cozy Winter Living Room – 5 Easy & Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For Winter

Cozy Winter Living Room Decorating Ideas

The weather outside might be frightful, but it’s warm and cozy inside!

After months of seasonal decorating, going from fall to Halloween to Christmas, I love to slowly transition my home back after the holidays with winter decor. Plus where I live in Buffalo, it’s still very much winter so I like to decorate with winter decor to make my home cozy and inviting.

5 Easy & Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For Winter

  • Keep out your neutral Christmas decor – Use snowy greens and neutral color picks and stems. If you don’t have them, add them to your list to pick up next season. I always love picking these items up during after Christmas sales. Most of the picks and stems I have for my winter decor I got from Michaels after Christmas last year in their mystery box. They were selling three huge bundles of holiday stems for $10.00. It was a deal I couldn’t pass up!
  • Keep up a lit, undecorated slim/pencil tree for a cozy winter look – I have one of my slim pencil trees still up in the kitchen. I love the cozy glow. If you don’t have one, wait and grab one after Christmas or when it’s on sale when you can get one for a deal. I love keeping it up for the month of January and sometimes even into February as well.
Cozy Winter Living Room Decorating Ideas
Cozy Winter Living Room Decorating Ideas
  • Small flocked or lit/ undecorated trees – I have 6 small 3-ish feet flocked trees that I got years ago at Joanns. I love to use them and tuck them throughout my home for winter. I have a few flocked trees in my living room, one in a basket next to the fireplace and another on the other side of the room. I also have small lit trees in my entry that I used for Christmas still up for winter. I love the cozy glow and they are very wintry. It’s a great transition from Christmas to winter.
  • Candles and lanterns – Honestly this is one of my decorating tips I use year round. I love decorating with candles and lanterns year round for a homey and inviting look.
  • Cozy blankets/throws – Cozy blankets and throws that have texture are great additions to add a cozy wintry feel into your home. Drape them on furniture, your ottoman or drape in baskets. Not only are they add a cozy feel and texture to a space they are practical to snuggle up with on cold winter nights.

I love to shop my home and use what I have. And if there is something I may want to use for “winter” decor I look for it when seasonal Christmas decor is on sale or after Christmas sales.

I recently found a cute snowflake pillow at Kohls during their after Christmas sale that is perfect for winter decor that I picked up to use in my entry. So always be on the lookout for affordable winter decor during sales, or even thrift stores!

I love the thrill of the hunt and decorating my home on a budget so I’m always on the lookout for decor that I can use the following season. Recently I shared some great affordable finds I picked up from Mud Pie for fall, Halloween and even a bit of Christmas. Even though it’s packed away now, my future self will be happy I got it now!

Cozy Winter Living Room Decorating Ideas

Watch Here

Watch how I decorated my living room for winter here. It was so fun creating a cozy winter look in my living room shopping my home and using decor I already had on hand.

Cozy Winter Living Room Decorating Ideas

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