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If you love cold brew coffee and are often buying the cold brew coffee like Starbucks and Stok at the grocery store, wait until you see how easy and affordable it is to make at home!

I’ve seen and even tried many ways to make cold brew coffee, but this has been by far my favorite method! I got this mason jar cold brew coffee maker and it has been a total game changer! I simply add the grounds to the filter, pour cold water over the grounds and pop it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day I remove the filter and I have yummy cold brew coffee ready to go, easy peasy!

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It’s so easy! Plus you can use whatever coffee grounds you like! I just use plain old grounds. Right now, I’ve been making it with simple Folgers coffee from the red canister. Nothing fancy, but tastes so good. The fun part is you can even make cold brew with seasonal or flavored blends too that you wouldn’t see at the grocery store so you can customize it however you like and how strong you like it.


If you prefer a stronger, bolder cold brew I recommend using at least a medium or dark roast coffee for a bolder taste.

I just use regular ground coffee grounds and have never had problem with grounds in my cold brew, but if you prefer you can add a coarser ground coffee whether you ground them at the store or have a coffee grinder at home.


The mason jar coffee maker I use is 8 cups. I add about 1 1/2-2 cups ground coffee to the filter. The general rule is about 1 cup coffee for every 4 cups of water but you can add like it depending on how strong you like your cold brew coffee. I usually just eye ball the measurement, filling it almost to the top, leaving a few inches at the top so there is room when I add water. You don’t want to add the coffee all the way to the top or they’ll spill out when you add water. When I add water the coffee will push up a little so I add the water slowly.


Cold Brew Ice Cubes

To take your cold brew coffee up a notch, I recommend making cold brew ice cubes too! I have make cold brew iced coffee balls but you can use whatever ice cube tray you have. Add some cold brew to the ice cube tray, pop it in the freezer then store the cubes in a container.

Shop ice cube tray

Once your cold brew is ready it’s time to become your own barista! Add your favorite creamer, cold foam (International Delight cold foam is so good!), syrups, to customize it however you’d like!

Once you start making cold brew like this at home you’ll love it and it will save you so much money too! The cost of for cold brew at the store is at least $5.00 and up, and a stop at your local coffee shop for a cold brew will run about that too!


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