Vintage Spring Art Free Printable Collection


This Vintage Spring Art Printable Collection is part of The Four Seasons Printable Collection of FREE printables I’m sharing today in collaboration with several of my amazing blogger friends! Be sure to collect them all at the bottom of this post!

Vintage printables is such an easy way and affordable way to decorate seasonally. I love to add vintage printables in frames to hang on the wall or to tuck in vignettes throughout my home. Some of them that I have I use year round, while others are beautiful seasonal prints that I can easily switch out for the seasons.

Where To Find Vintage Printables

One place to find vintage printables is on Etsy. You search vintage printables and you’ll find pages and pages of them. You an even narrow down the search by season, for example Vintage spring printables.

You can even find a selection of vintage printables in my digital print shop HERE. The ones that are in my print shop come in a variety of sizes ranging from a 5×7 up to a 24×36! Simply download, print then frame for easy peasy seasonal decorating!

There is a vast library of free art on public domain. You can also search a public domain artwork over 100 years old that anyone can print and use! The artwork on public domain websites like art museums and WikiMedia is the original artwork which may differ slightly from when it’s digitally enhanced.


Use Watercolor Paper

One that I like to do when printing smaller 5×7 or 8×10 vintage prints at home is to use watercolor paper. It gives the print more of authentic look.

Just be sure your printer will print a thicker paper like watercolor paper to avoid any paper jams.

Also you may need to trim the watercolor paper down to 8.5×11 to fit a standard printer.


Vintage Art with Mod Podge

Another way to achieve a vintage look to artwork is to add brush strokes to the prints with Mod Podge.

I like to use matte Mod Podge and I go back and forth with small strokes over the print. The smaller strokes over the image the better for more of a painted look or even try to follow the brush strokes of the artist!

This works best of heavyweight paper. You will want to test it out first to avoid any smearing of the ink. I have a laser jet printer and I’ve even done this with even with cardstock. As long as you don’t saturate the paper too much with Mod Podge your paper won’t wrinkle too much. I actually don’t mind if the paper wrinkles a bit when I add the Mod Podge, I feel it gives it more of an authentic old look.



Free Vintage Spring Art Printable Collection

While it’s fun to embellish vintage art with Mod Podge or even print on watercolor paper, you may you simply want to just print the images on cardstock and pop in a frame for easy peasy decorating! The best part is you just need some frames and a printer and you can frame these now!

I have curated a collection of vintage artwork that I have digitally enhanced to have a moody spring look. These 4 prints work well together to use in a gallery wall, or to pop in frames to use throughout your home.

There are 4 beautiful digitally enhanced prints in this curated collection. Each print comes in 2 sizes, 5×7 and 8×10. Have fun and print them all or print a few in different sizes. I love tucking these prints throughout my home.

To access the Spring Printable Collection simply subscribe to my free email and you will receive the link to instantly download this printable collection. Easy peasy!

And wait! There’s more free printables!

You don’t want to miss even more FREE printables that are designed my some of my talented blogger friends! Click the links below to access each of the printables! And leave a comment and say Hi and let them know I sent you.

Four Seasons Spring Printable Collection

Enjoy this new quarterly collectible series of seasonal prints for you to display, craft with, or style as home decor. Be sure to visit each blogger’s site below to grab your FREE download!

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  1. Thank you so much!!! These are absolutely the best, I love prints like this and have quite a few in my home.
    Such a generous thing to do.
    Jeanie Yarbrough.

  2. I am thrilled with these paintings. I am going to try to make some. With such clear instructions, I am pretty confident that I will be successful. Thank you so much.

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