Preparing For Kindergarten With BIC® Fight For Your Write

BIC® Fight For Your Write

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My twins start kindergarten in less than a month. As much as I am freaking out about them going to school and leaving “the nest” I am also excited at the same time. Last year they went to Pre-K for a few hours everyday. They loved it! They never wanted to miss school even if they were sick and they cried the last day of school. I’ll have to remind them of that when they are in high school!

They love to learn. They are full of questions and always eager to learn. To prepare them for kindergarten I have been working with them over the summer with little “homework” assignments. It’s nothing grueling but just enough to keep them on their toes. I have stocked up on workbooks from the dollar store that are perfect for kindergarteners, plus some of the workbooks have their favorite characters on them so it makes it even more fun. My main focus has been on their writing skills. Getting them to learn how to write as at early age is crucial. In the age of computers it is still important to get back to basics and write.

BIC® Fight For Your Write |

BIC® Fight For Your Write |

Inexpensive workbooks from the dollar store work great for summer “homework” to keep them writing and learning.

I went to school when we took notes in notebooks and not on tablets and passed notes not text messages between classes. Even though modern technology is always advancing the ability to write will never die.

Writing a handwritten note, a thank you card, a recipe and giving it to someone makes it so much more personal than emailing it. It’s important to me as a mom to make sure my kids to keep those traditions as they get older.

BIC® Fight For Your Write


BIC® Mechanical Pencils have been helping kids reach their potential for over 30 years. Join BIC this year as they celebrate 30 years of success. Because when kids write, things click! Join the BIC Fight For Your Write mission to save handwriting by writing with BIC Mechanical Pencils!

Visit and sign the pledge to save handwriting and share this with people you know to support the cause. Plus everyone that enters has a chance to win a $1,200 BIC Prize Pack to help them write more at home. No purchase necessary. Open to U.S. residents 18+ only. Ends September 14th so hurry and sign the pledge today and help spread the word!

BIC® Fight For Your Write |

BIC® Mechanical Pencils are perfect for parents too! Use them in your planner to keep it neat and tidy!

BIC Mechanical Pencils come in a variety of styles. I like the BIC Xtra-Strong for my kids that have break-resistant leads and perfect for students. I also love to use BIC Mechanical Pencils for when I’m working on my recipes and  in my planner when schedules are constantly changing. Instead of scratching things out I can easily erase it and everything still looks neat and tidy.

BIC® Fight For Your Write |

I took the pledge to save handwriting, now it’s your turn!

BIC® Fight For Your Write |

Visit to learn more and take the pledge – it only takes a few seconds!

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